Thursday, June 25, 2009


There comes a time in every engaged girl's life where she needs to have a "girls night out". Obviously my night was with my "besties" Shaunna, Jaime and Sasha....we decided to go out to good old "Dog of the Moon" and celebrate our friendship. Originally we were suppose to go out with A LOT of other people but they never ended showing up - not a problem. We had our own fun. I love this picture of Shaunna and I - we look like a fan was put on us and we're modeling....NICE!

Probably one of my favorite pictures below....I love when we do the "hugging" pose - I'm sure we'll recreate this same look on my wedding day + 5 other bridesmaids, hee hee! Can you believe we've all known each other for almost 8 years??
Fun Facts about the 4 of us:
1. We are all older sisters of younger brothers
2. Jaime has always been the only blonde one out of us
3. We all met in the dorms our Freshman year of college
4. Each of us have lived with each other except for Jaime and myself
5. Our birthdays are within 10 days of each other - same year!
6. We have never all been single at the same time
7. I am the first to be married out of the 4 of us
Here is one of the best pictures of the night. I saw this girl who was clearly celebrating her bachelorette party and I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to celebrate with her. Probably because I was out with my best friends/bridesmaids too!!! Therefore I proceeded to buy her an inappropriate shot that involves a lot of whipped cream. Her friends/bridesmaids LOVED it and we decided to all take a big group photo together. She probably had one of the best nights of her life, celebrating not only her single life drifting away but also sharing the joy of being with her very nearest and dearest girlfriends!!!! Definitely a cause for celebration!!!!

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