Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 cars, 3 girls, 3 websensers = THE MEAN GIRLS

Well as most people know I work with Amanda and Shaunna. Not only do I work with Amanda and Shaunna, but both of them are bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding!!! I found it very fun/silly that all 3 of our cars were parked next to each other and felt compelled to take a photo! Better yet, we decided to jump on our cars and take this silly picture (taken by the talented Mr. Pip)! Just being around them every single day for eight hours makes the work days doable. I love having them to chat with, vent with, bounce ideas off of, eat lunch with! I feel beyond lucky that I get to work and play with these girls every day and know that they are truly the ones that keep me a float in my job - especially every end of quarter! Thank you to you both Shanty and Tomo ~ you truly are my life savers!! Muah! Also - the "title" of this blog..."The Mean Girls" - apparently when we travel at work, we are always together...and now as a joke the boys call us "The Mean Girls" like in the movie...since we're always walking/talking with each other. They know we're nothing close to the word....but they always say it and so we've embraced it!!!! Don't worry they have their name too "Camel Crew" - lol, don't even ask!


Christi Treibach said...

I heart the Mean Girls!! :)

Calista and James Mejia said...

haha, love the car pic!!!