Friday, June 26, 2009

Harley Boo

I think as the *mommy* of a puppy I could probably blog and take pictures of my little boo boo all day long. I think some people see this as annoying or obsurd as it is not a baby that I'm blogging about but rather a little animal. However, I know there are some special people that really like to read and hear about him - so this post is for you *special dog lovers*!
This picture below is one of my favorites. Harley is giving his dad a *high five*!!! He is so good at this trick and i love it because his legs are so short and so little that he literally has to lift the whole side of his body to reach up that high! What a cutie pa-toot-tie!!!

One of these days (probably after we're married) I want to do a fun photoshoot with Gregg, Harley and myself. He is just the cutest little bundle of joy and brings so much happiness to both our lives. He definitely has a special bond with both of us - in very different ways. I imagine this is how our children will be too - he is such a good "starter baby" and we feel so lucky to have him in our lives. This is the best picture I could get with the 3 of us actually *looking* at the camera. Well I guess Harley's not really looking, but close enough! Here is our little Anderson Family!

For those of you who met Harley when he was just a lil guy, you will enjoy these next two pictures below. Where his black coloring is, he was grey and where his brown/white is, he was pink! Now look how pretty he is!? I love how the camera makes his eyes look blue - but don't worry kids, he's got beautiful brown eyes. Serious puppy dog eyes too - they always make me want to give him people food - I spoil him I know!!!!!! How can you not when this little one is looking at you?

Whenever Gregg and I say "You wanna......" he always cocks his head to the side like this picture below. He absolutely knows that we're going to say either...."bath" "ride" "walk" "treat" - something to that affect. Usually his ears will go down when we say bath and he runs and hides. Super cute!!! Here you can see his stature and how short and little he is. I guess you could say he is *a petite male* lol!!
Honestly I wouldn't have him any other way. He is the reason I can get through the day sometimes and I know Gregg and I love him more than anything. Sometimes I'll just lay there with him and pet him and it makes me feel so much better. I forget everything else that went wrong that day and concentrate on this wonderful animal that makes me so happy!

I love you Harley boo!!!

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