Friday, June 26, 2009

SHOWERED with Crate & Barrel

One of the best things about getting married has to be these amazing showers that get planned for you! Not only do I have the best bridesmaids putting on these for me but I am fortunate enough to have 2 bridal showers. I feel like the luckiest bride, seriously I do! My first bridal shower is on July 18, 2009 up in Granite Bay. We decided to have it up there so that my family and Gregg's family wouldn't have to travel down to San Diego (since they're already coming for the wedding). Gregg's mom Denese called Gregg the other day and said that she couldn't attend the GB shower because she was going out of town that day but had bought us a gift. However she got confused and thought that our address on Crate & Barrel's registry link was wrong, therefore she sent it to our apartment. Here is me in the midst of the unwrapping and viewing of our amazing present!!!
Denese and Ana (her little daughter - Gregg's sister) got us almost our entire set of everything for ALL OF OUR EVERYDAY WARE, holywow! We were ecstatic and have already started using these amazing plates. The are soo much better than the Ikea ones we've collected over the years. lol. My favorite ones are the big platters that she got us - I love those because they are PERFECT for entertaining....also she got us our fun "asian set" that have the chopstick holes/chopsticks with the bowls. SOOOOOO FUN!!!!!
**A special thank you to Denese and Ana for one of the best shower gifts we could have asked for!!!!**


Erica said...

That is insane! The entire set! Score! Weddings are the best for the gifts...well and marrying your one and only! Ryan and I say we want to get married again just for the party and the gifts!

Lindsay Brummer said...

that is so fun!!!!!

david said...

Katie -

Hi, I found your blog through Erica's. Wanted to say hi and say that I was at Crate and Barrel yesterday learning about registering as I am recently engaged as well! As per engaged couple etiquette, we have a blog too. Click if you want.

David Wilkes

Alexis said...

david cracks me up. and of course i'll make you a tutu when you have a girl except there's no way i'd let you pay. We plan on being done having kids by next summer so maybe you'll just inherit Mason's huge stash of tutus! :)