Thursday, November 5, 2009

Honey Moonie

So naturally if I'm blogging about my wedding then I HAVE to show pictures of my incredible honeymoon adventures! On the trip Gregg kept calling me "Honey Moonie" and I called him "Moonie Honey" - can you tell we had puppy love written all over us or what???? Gregg's parents were gracious enough to treat us to a magical 7 day stay on the beautiful island of Kauai, HI. They bought our airfare, hotel room and car rental. Gregg and I covered our activites, drinks and food - it worked out PERFECTLY!!!!

Naturally I made Gregg take about a 1000 pictures so that we could document every single moment. Clearly I'm not going to post all of them on here but here is a little snapshot of our adventures of our first days as husband and wife!
Here's Gregg driving our *sweet* seabring convertible!!! We loved our car (to the next level) it made a huge difference when driving along the coast for an hour just roaming through the island. Our hotel was the Grand Hyatt on Poi'pu Island.

Our first adventure was up to Waimea Canyon (basically known as "The Grand Canyon" of Kauai). We took lots of pretty one-handed pictures along the way. We found that the same tourists kept stopping at each 'lookout point' so we kept saying hi, over and over again. Pretty silly!

Here we are in front of the sign. You can't see but there were so many people stopped on either side of the stairwell (to the left and right of the sign) but I didn't care and I made someone stop to take a picture which then created a bit of traffic - oh well anything for a picture right? These are precious memories people!!!

After our first "dinner out" we started realizing that if we charged everything that we bought in the hotel (to the room) it would be 10% naturally since our reservations were for Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, I got to sign the check after dinner and charge it to the room. This was my very first time signing something as Mrs. Kate Anderson. How awesome is that!!!!!

"Mrs. Kate N. Anderson"

One of our 3 adventures was our.....Sunset Dinner Cruise on the Na'apali Coast. Man oh man was this beautiful. The crew on the ship was so friendly and so accomodating, we gave them a nice tip afterwards! Here's me in the store taking a picture in front of this pretty map (that's on the wall) and pointing at Poi'pu, which was our island!

The best part about the cruise was that right as we sailed away an older women was chatting with us and asked us if we needed any "bonine"?? Gregg had no clue what she was talking about and kept saying, "need any what??" so I politely answered, "ohh no no we're fine for now, but if things get bad later, we might take you up on that offer". Well, sure enough when we were sailing through some of the rough waters, Gregg wasn't feeling so well and we both ended up hunting down the lady and each taking a pill. I wasn't feeling sick at all but thought it was a good idea just in case....since we were going to be eating and drinking on the boat later. Good thing we did because there were pretty rough waters on the way back. We got to see a whole swarm of dophins, ate a great dinner and drank "sneaky tiki's" the entire way! I love this picture of us with the bright blue ocean water in the background!

2nd adventure: Ziplining! Holy hell batman this is by far the BEST activity you can do on the island and we heard this company (Outrigger Activities) was the most adventurous!!!!! Not only did Gregg and I go on 5 different ziplines but we flipped upsidedown, did a running jump off the platform, did a free fall backwards, repelled down a steep mountain and finally zipped along an 1800 meter drop! UM.......WOW!!!!

Ahhh the classic sand picture. Our new marriage...just a few days old, how precious! A nice girl (probably another honeymooner - god bless her) came and took our picture.
The Anderson's/ Est. 2009

So we heard from a lot of people that we had to drive up the coast to Princeville which is on the other side of the island. On the way we stopped off to a beautiful desserted beach and this was our attempt to take a nice picture with the GORGEOUS WATER in the background. Didn't turn out so well but this is a nice picture of Gregg and I.

Ohhh Scotty.....we heard from our ziplining instructor that his favorite resturant to go on the island for "date night" was Scotty's Ocean View BBQ!! Since Gregg and I wanted to try a bunch of new things while we were on our Kauai adventure we thought...why not have BBQ on the island (especially if it was a recommendation from a local)? Well he was right!! The BBQ was really great and the best part about the dinner was the homemade smore kit they give you as dessert. How cute is that idea.....we had way too much fun with it - and I ate so many marshmellows I could barely walk afterwards....oops!

Our final picture goodbye...we both made sad faces as we waited to board our flight back home. What a wonderful trip it was, a perfect way to reconnect after 16 months of wedding planning and a really special time to remember our wonderfulu friends and family that came to celebrate our big day with us. I know there will never be another trip like this, where we'll be so young, so selfish and so carefree in our lives so we really treasured every moment together.

Now back to the real world full of puppy responsibilites, laundry, working out, actually going to work and cooking. I'm still trying to figure out why we came back....... :)

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