Thursday, November 5, 2009

happy halloweenie

This year on Halloween Gregg, Harley and I were making the long drive home from Sacramento to San Diego with all of our wedding presents in tow! We had gotten an invite for our friend Jeremy's Halloween/Going away party. We've known Jeremy for about 8 years (since our freshman year of college). He was moving away to Denver, CO and this was his final bash!!! We debated back and forth for a bit and realized that we couldn't miss such a fun event. It worked out wonderfully because we got to see so many good friends that we hadn't seen since the big wedding day.

Here's the classic Shaunna/Kate photo that we always manage to take. We have such big smiles in this picture! I love it!

Awww my besties. They were sooo super surprised to see Gregg and I so it was really fun to hug each of them!!!!

This group picture is awesome, so many people had SO MANY great outfits!!!

Here we are the classic newlywed halloween photo! LOL. ahhh what a great halloween bash for 2009!!!!

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