Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a little beer, a little chicken, a little meal!

So tonight for dinner Gregg and I decided to venture out and try a recipe we've been wanting to attempt for a long can chicken!! It was quite a long recipe but we managed to make it are the events of the evening in sequential order.

All the million of spices I had to buy!

Me being a good little wife and cooking!

My silly husband eating raw chicken, ewww!

I'm really happy I have a husband to do "this part" of the chicken. I even bought plastic gloves and denied them. Boys are gross!

Our little chicky all prepped and ready to go!

Ewwww don't touch me with those hands!

Even Har Har wanted to know what was smelling so good in the oven!!!! Little puppies!!!

Heres our finished product, it looks just like the picture....yes!!!

And a close up.....can you smell it?

Mmm a nice homecooked meal by the Anderson's, complete with Beer Can Chicken, greenbeans and mashed potatoes! Yummy!!!!


Rosanne said...

Such cute updates! Congrats again on your wedding!! I love your quote at the top of your blog! Who's it by or did you write it?

shelby said...

Katie! OMG, you commented on my blog and I was like WHO? I am SO GLAD to hear from you! My hubby and I just moved up from San Diego- enjoy it while you can! we miss it so much. Sac is good, though. I am glad you are doing well!