Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

This thanksgiving we spent the first half of it driving 10 hours from San Diego to Sacramento with Harley in tow!!! I don't remember it being as long and as draining, but I think we are getting REALLY sick of that drive. Luckily we'll be doing it again for Christmas! blah!!!

We spent the yummy holiday split pretty evenly at both my house and Gregg's house. Here are some pictures of the fun-filled (short) weekend we had. We just love home!!!

I told my mom she needed to put more color on the tables for the centerpieces and we came up with this creation! Perssimin are from Bachan's backyard, lemons from our lemon tree and leaves for garnish!

Three Generations

Lauren and I rocked it out with Rockband, we had too much fun singing and talking about her upcoming wedding plans in June! I can't wait!!!!

Poor Harley baby was attacked by his unlcle David

Take a look at this picture, my dad was on the mic! It was sooo awesome, we gotta get him the Beatles version of the game, he'd be a PRO!

While my mom and dad watched a movie Gregg, David and I decided to play a speedy instense game of monopoly. I would have fun but I got sidetracked by the movie ha ha!

Har passed out on the couch from all the turkey he was able to sneak 'under' the table!
hee hee

While our weekend continued, we ended up staying the night at the Anderson household. We went to Taco Loco for dinner and had so much fun meeting all of the fun staff at the restaurant. Gregg's parents are local's there, everyone knew exactly who they were when we walked in. Pretty VIP! Afterwards we decided to go say hi to Big Dave who was working the door at a popular bar in Folsom called Scarlett's! There we met up with some fun friends and danced the night away!!! I love it because Gregg's parents still come out with us for drinks and dancing, such great in-laws.

 Overall we had such a good time with family and great friends and can't wait to have another Christmas adventure in just a few weeks!!! Yay Sacramento!

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