Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lights, Lights and More Lights!

This holiday season has been so fun so far! In one weekend Gregg and I decided to experience two of the best San Diego light events all at once!! Last year the Mejia's showed us this special hiding spot called the Holiday of Lights in Del Mar so we decided to venture their first! The Del Mar racetrack brings in all these different lights and set's them up in fun and different ways. They are all so unique and so fun, it's definitely a sight to see (but very hard to capture on film). Since you just sit in your car and drive around the track Har obviously joined in on the fun in his cute jacket and all!

This is the only family shot we got! Ugh.

The next night we went to Balboa Park's December Lights! This event is so special because it's only in town for one weekend! Our good friends Ana and Sidd decided to join in on the fun. First we went to a really yummy dinner at Arrividerci in Hillcrest. I had never been there before and now I am a huge fan. Their bread, wine and pasta dishes are to die for and in such a cute little italian resturant. After our tummies were full we walked on to the beautiful Balboa Park to see all the festivities. They had a gorgeous tree decorated as the theme of Dr. Seuss so Ana and I HAD to take a picture!

The Anderson's & Vivek/Perez Families!

We didn't realize that at this fun event they do something called the taste of the world where they have all these tiny booths with different foods from each country!!! Since we had just eaten dinner we were too full to try anything but next year we will come prepared with empty bellies to try EVERYTHING.

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