Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ugly Sweaters Everywhere!!!

This year has been quite the year for ugly sweater christmas parties!! I was a little late in finding a sweater of my own but luckily I was able to borrow one of my friend's instead!!!!! These pictures aren't in chronological order but needless to say they are DEFINITELY priceless!

Party #1 was at the Vivek/Perez household. Ana and Sidd were fabulous hosts and made us this delicious apple cider and had little presents for all of us!!! They were so thoughtful and even allowed Harley to join in on the fun! Don't worry he was equipped with a sweater and christmas collar as well!!

Ash, Ana and Me!

This is probably the best picture of the night. I am loving the fact that we are lined up like we're all at prom. It seriously looks like a family photo (which actually it is) :) We love our little Law School Family. Harley included!!!

Party #2 was at the wonderful KK's house!! Every time we've gone to Kari's she has made us a delicious appetizer, incredible dinner and WE'VE HAD A THEME!!! This year we decided to do none other than an ugly sweater party!!! I love going to KK's house because of all her anmials. Here I'm playing with one of KK's birds (shoot I forgot his name) and he was obsessed with biting my RING! I think he wanted the diamond - what a clever little birdie!

One of KK's neighbors stopped by and took a few silly pictures of us! I of course had to hold little sophie so that she was in the picture too!!!! We are so festive!

To end our fabulous wine and laughter filled night we decided to spontaneously go Christmas Caroling - wow that was fun!!! We had a nice medley of 3 different songs complete with hand motions, clapping and spirit fingers. You should be jellie that we didn't sing for you! Ha ha ha!

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