Wednesday, February 10, 2010 we come!

Well everyone, the time has finally come.....Gregg and I are officially relocating to Northern California this mid-March (literally that's only 36 days away) yikes! Our decision comes with so much excitement paired with so much sadness. I can hardly believe we are leaving this beautiful city where we not only found each other, but found ourselves.

This decision was born the day we made the long drive home from Sacramento right after Thanksgiving. After being in the car for the first 2 hours....the words "I kind of want to move near home" were both uttered from our mouth pretty much simultaneously. At that point it was more of a 'thought' than a statement but as the weeks went on, we knew that we were both ready to go.

We have decided to move to Campbell and not Sacramento for a couple reasons:

1. My job (still staying with WBSN, yay) is in Los Gatos (which is the bording city to Campbell)
2. Some of our closest friends Jeremy & Jess, Ben, Ross & Jill LIVE IN CAMPBELL *yess!*
3. Housing is much more affordable there...than in Los Gatos
4. Campbell is only 2.5 hours away from Sacramento...a wonderful little weekend trip home is now a piece of cake...compared to our 8-10 hour drive

We've decided to wait until March because we wanted to make sure Gregg wasn't "moved" during his studying for the bar which he takes at the end of February (fingers crossed) and because that's when our lease is up. We've tried to communicate our 'move' to Harley but honestly he really doesn't care and I'm sure will be REALLY happy to be closer to both sets of grandparents and all the lizards that Norther CA has. hee hee.

Even as I write this I'm not sure if it's officially sunk in that I won't be living in sunny San Diego anymore. Although I am beyond excited to be closer to my family, gregg's family, besties (shell & ritz) I can't help but feel like I'm leaving behind my San Diego family....and they know who they are. I think as time goes on and the days start to fly by I'm starting to really cherish the time I have left with all of my friends while I can still see them. I know in my heart everything will be ok though...especially because most of us have already made future plans to see each other.....and they and I know a flight from San Diego to San Jose (or vice versa) is a quick hop, skip and a jump away!

So to celebrate this next chapter properly we'll be getting together on March 13th (location TBD) to give hugs, kisses and say goodbye to the wonderful friends and family who have made our time in San Diego, so.....incredible. Details soon to come.

Stay tuned for more moving details........


Calista and James Mejia said...

BAM this is SO SAD!!!!!! But it's also very exciting for you 2 to begin a totally new chapter in your lives. I'll definitely need to plan a lil road trip up there once you're settled! You'll have to keep up on your blog even more now so I can stay in touch with everything!

Erica said...

Sad! Not that we ever got together but still! But I agree family is not over rated. Especially when you start having kids! Good luck with the move and new adventure! I will be sure to stay in through blog!

Tim, Annie, Jack said...

Exciting move, we dreaded leaving so cal for so many reasons too, #1 the amazing weather/beaches...but nothing compares being close to family. Good luck on your new adventure, maybe I'll see you in the Woods one day when I'm visiting family too!

Miranda Shaft said...

GREEEEGGGGG and KAAAATTTEEEE this of course breaks my heart, but makes me so happy for you two! Much love!! Miranda