Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Day of Love

This year for "love" day I was lucky enough to have President's day off of work which was well deserved and well needed. Our weekend started off strong with a lovely unexpected get together with our law school peeps. Although we wanted to have 'game night' it really started off with the boys on the couch and the girls in the kitchen talking about two completely different topics (which will remain private) for a REALLY long time. Eventually we made a cute little circle and played a nice 'friendly' game of catch phrase....girls vs. guys (duh!) That game is seriously so fun. After we were done Gregg and I showed everyone our wedding video which is always fun for me to see again!

This is what I woke up to on Valentine's Day morning after Gregg and I had discussed "no gifts" this year. How thoughtful is he?? The chocolate rose was hilarious. 

Who doesn't love multi-colored flowers. ooooo! Ana gave me the bright pink rose that is in it's own special vase. Sooo pretty!

For our v-day menu we decided on homemade heart-shaped pizza's. HOWEVER instead of being the boring wife who just goes and buy's pre-made dough, I decided to bust out my inner 1950's homemaking skills and made not only homemade pizza dough, but homemade pizza sauce as well!!!! booooyah! They turned out delicious. I was so completely impressed with myself that everything turned out so good (so was Gregg).
And who doesn't love a little pizza on the day of love....


So since I was in charge of the dinner - Gregg was in charge of the dessert and boy did he do me proud. I mean, seriously, LOOK at this picture. How good and professional does it look?? He went to the store (separately than me) and got all of these goodies, arranged them on a plate, covered it with foil and then hid the excess so I couldn't see any containers that might give away what he had bought (talk about a surprise). Then when he busted this little baby out I almost fell of my chair. Needless to say it was absolutely delicious but we definietly needed more friends there to finish off this chocolately goodness. Overall it was a wonderful relaxing Valentine's day, so relaxing that we stayed in our pj's literally all day long (which is why there are no pictures of us) and we enjoyed every single bit of it as husband and wife and with our little furry baby Har!

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