Friday, February 26, 2010

Boo Boo on the Bear

So lately Gregg's been taking Har to the dog park and running him so that he's super exhausted and out of energy - it's been a nice change of pace!! Well, since Harley runs super fast he actually rubbed his little pads on his front paws so much that they were raw and a little scabby. sad!!!! We got home and I noticed he was licking his paws so much and then saw what had happened. Sooo needless to say we've been laying low on the dog park until their healed (I think he's pretty sad about it).

We had the bright idea as puppy parents to wrap Harley's leg in gauze type bandage to see if that would prevent him from licking his wound. He was so cute with it all bandaged up but when he tried to walk it really wasn't working. Then he started to chew it so we just gave up on the idea.

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