Monday, March 8, 2010

Moving Madness

I cannot believe that I'm already blogging about my move! I think showing people how much stuff we actually moved is actually pretty impressive. So here goes! These next few pictures are just a snapshot of SOME of the stuff that was moved by Gregg, myself and some incredible friends (that probably hate us now) hee hee!

One of fondest memories that I will forever remember about us leaving San Diego is the FIASCO that happened while we were moving. About halfway through our move into the "smaller" uhaul truck the boys realized that all of our stuff wasn't going to fit in the truck that Gregg had rented. Grrreeeaaatttt. So the boys decided to go back to the rental place, exchange the medium truck for the EXTRA LARGE truck and made us wait with the stuff on the sidewalk. Now mind you that we could have been waiting in a nice, warm, almost empty apartment while the boys did this but nooooo. They decided to leave our about 6 boxes plus other misc stuff and the sidewalk, forcing us to stay outside with the stuff. At first it was just some of us, then all of us and then it started to rain. Awesome. Luckily I remembered that Gregg had won a random beach umbrella and boy did that come in handy. There were 6 of us girls including Harley hudled around my crap on the sidewalk, and now it was pouring down on us. Some pictures to document the fun are below!

Clearly none of us anticipated the heavy downpour so we decided to make due and wear beanies (of mine, that I never knew I had) and make poncho's out of trashbags. From Riches to Rags - I have some pretty incredible friends who are actually all of my bridesmaids (minus 2). How fun!!!!

After we weathered the storm, saw Kooza, spent the night on the floor in our empty apartment we awoke at 3:00am (eww) and was on the road by 4:25am. This is the view I had until we arrived in Campbell at 1:00pm. I was lucky enough to have little Har in my car with me - yaaaay! He is such a character, some of the time he'd sleep, some of the time he'd have his face right on the dashboard and lean against his bed and other times he actually whined like a little child. Impressive for a puppy!

And now presenting the new townhouse! Yaaaay, here is the new Anderson residence. Here is a pretty picture of my closet with the fancy hangers (except for a couple) - I needed more than 100  - ooops, sorry Gregg!

Here is a nice picture of our guest room where many of you will be staying. See how spacious, relaxing and warm it feels/looks....yes yes you can be here right now.......go ahead book your flight! We'll pick you up!
Here is a smaller shot from our stairs to the view of the living room. We got those blinds as coverage from the open door for two reasons: 1.) Because of Privacy  2.) There is an official squirrel that is basically a jerkface and annoys the crap out of Harley. In light of saving our ears and our sanity, we bought these blinds so that we could have our normal dog again.

And finally the beloved kitchen. It really has a SF feel to it, the cabinets are small but workable. And I love our little 2 seater dinner table. Talk about a close intimate dinner conversation :)

Well everyone, Gregg and I are already ready for visitors!! Start opening up those calendars and whipping out the planners! Can't wait to have all of you here.

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