Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Psycho Donuts

How cool are these donuts!?!??! So there is this really really really fun donut store called "psycho donuts" in Campbell that Jeremy and Jess said we HAD to try. So one morning while I was sleeping in Gregg went and ventured out and picked these guys up. He came in the door with the box and said something funny like "well, they really are crazy and psycho donuts, I had to let all these people go by me while I was picking them out for us!" Utterly confused by that statement, I opened the box and this is what I saw! CRAZY AND FUN DONUTS!!! The white ones are called "headbangers" the pink ones are called "strawberry field" the brown one is called "Cocoa Loco" and then obviously those are "French Fry" donuts with jelly dipping sauce to look like ketchup. I was dying!!!! If you come visit us, we promise to take you there! ha ha how fun!!!!!!

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