Saturday, March 13, 2010

Los Gatos Reunion

The very first weekend we moved into our new apartment Gregg's side of the family was conviently having a small family reunion in none other than Los Gatos! How perfect!! Gregg and I were happy to attend considering we were now only 5 minutes away. literally. 

Here is little mariann, she is seriously my favorite little girl. she walked into the party holding this oversized plaid and pink hello kitty. see i told you she was my favorite it. the funniest part about her little kitty was that she was very particular in who could hold 'kitty'. she did let me have it a few times but always made sure to tell me "dis is my kitty". the #1 person she didn't want holding the kitty was good ol' grandpa dave!!!!!!

Here's little Emily playing with her little book. she is the most polite and precious girl and has the BEST smile!!! she was very into this book and wasn't in the mood for a picture - who could blame her?
When it came time for dessert everyone was really excited to try out the chocolate fountain. Well, everyone who was excited pretty much left after waiting for it work for about 30 minutes - no joke! we finally were able to get the chocolate to flow but it definitelly took a long while. I had to document the fun of Uncle Mitch and Gregg trying to figure out what the issue was.

Here are my two beautiful nieces Alyssa and Mia. These little girls are two peas in a pod. They followed each other all around and played with toys, climbed on lions and jumped around together. Their relationship reminds me of how I was with my girl cousins. They made the BEST playdates!
One of my most favorite pictures of the day was 'Uncle Gregg" helping the girls drive around in their little jeep. Those little babies move fast....sheesh! Gregg was helping them steer around and stay on the road rather than the street. What a great Uncle he is!

A classic picture with the sister-in-laws. Amy is not an 'actual' sister-in-law but feels like it! Mary her and I had a great time chatting about the babies, laughing at the husbands and just getting to know each other better. It's so nice to know that I'll have such a great support team of mothers who can give me lots of advice when I'm the one having the babies! But just for now I'll be the really fun aunt who plays with their children :)

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