Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Tony's Nut House


One of the coolest things we've done while we've been here up north is go to Gregg's grandpa's bar! TONY'S NUT HOUSE. The bar is located in this cute little area of Palo Alto and the most frequent visitor is usually a Stanford student. ha ha. On the Sunday after the family reunion we all decided to go to the bar to see what it looked like and have a round of drinks. The mural below is so cool - you can actually see Grandpa Tony's face and Grandma Aloha painted. Kind of crazy but I'm actualy standing in the middle of the picture pointing up but I blend in so well!


On the top of the bar, the ceiling is covered with office type chip boards but the coolest thing about the bar is that he's let multiple family members, good friends and locals decorate a tile and then puts it up for years to come. We saw a tile that Gregg's dad had painted back in 1987 - amazing! There are also picture all over the walls of Gregg's parents, brothers, Grandparents from different bbq's and family events. It's so neat to see a bar with so much family history. Definitely not your typical dive bar!


Before we went we actually stopped at this interesting looking restaurant. Gregg and I had seen it before but didn't realize what we were missing out on until we walked in. This lovely little place is called "The Counter". When we sat down for lunch we didn't realize what we were getting in to! This place allows you to choose your type of meat, how big you want it, cheese, 4 toppings, extra toppings, lettuce, bun, wrap YOU NAME IT! It was such a cool concept and the food was amazing. (i'm late in posting this and we've already gone here a second time for dinner hee hee).

The last part of this post is some family portraits of us by the silly monkey inside the bar. It was so fun to see family, eat good food and experience new places. So far the move it working out well!


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