Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brett's Dirty Thirty

Happy "dirty thirty" to Brett! This is probably the first year that Gregg and I have actually attended an actual grown up birthday party for a family member. In the past we've always been stuck in San Diego and driving home for a birthday weekend was never do-able. Thankfully that all changed this month! Brett decided to celebrate the 30th year of his life at his favorite bar in downtown Sacramento called FACES with all of his family and ALL of his friends. We had a special VIP section complete with balloons and decorations and a view of the dance floor (hee hee.)

Before the party started the few special people in Brett's lives all got together for a little pre-party gathering at his friend Mark's house. Mark is officially the best interior decorator ever and I am hiring him to fix our place up! Maritza also came with me and yes she is 5 months pregnant. WHAT A TROOPER! She loves Brett as much as I do so we had to show our support. We chatted and hung out with Candice and Mary (both my sister in laws) all night!!!!


I was so happy and thrilled that Maritza came with us. Not only did she do my hair earlier that day but she worked a full shift, ate dinner and got ready in an hour and then stayed up and out with us all night. Baby brown loved the music and the hardcore techno beat. lol.


We had to take a picture documenting that baby brown was there! Too bad I look more pregnant than she does!!!

The rest of the crew hung out and danced the night away. Jake made it out...him and Gregg were "lovers" all night, as were Maritza and I. On our way home (thanks Maritza for being DD) we decided that we were hungry....since Maritza was in the middle of lent and couldn't eat in-n-out (which we were all craving) we decided to take a trip down memory lane and go to MEL'S DINER! awww cheesy fries! Gregg and I treated Maritza to a milkshake and fries for being such a trooper and for driving us everywhere - it was a SUPER FUN snack to a SUPER FUN night!


Lindsay Brummer said...

You guys look so cute!!! Are you pregnant? Did I miss that?

Greggory & Kate said...

haha no no. I AM NOT, maritza is!!!

Jeff Brummer said...

Well the pictures are CUTE!!!

Calista and James Mejia said...

BAMMMM... I must say that you are doing a terrific job of keeping this bloggy up to date!! I am terrible right now, I know...soon... soon. Just you wait, hehe!