Sunday, March 21, 2010

Da dum, da dum, da dum...

Here is the story of how I became a true hocky (Sharks) Fan. First, Ryan surprised us and gave us 2 tickets to the Sharks game. Not planning for a fun night out - this made me love the Sharks already. Then Gregg and I decided to make a night of it and used a yummy giftcard to Rock Bottom and went to get some Shark's gear and ended up looking like this (see picture below - so cute!)
Obviously we were playing the Dallas Stars and we were going to dominate....

Me documenting that i was outside the HP Pavilion aks THE SHARK TANK. I love my Shark's fleece esp since hocky rinks are so cold!
The Sharkee's warming up their skating skills....
I took a picture right as the lights went the anticipation of Shark Time!
This crazy shark head flew down from the sky and on to the ice. Raaar!
Ry mentioned that he wanted a beanie that looked like a helmet but couldn't find it last time he was there. As a lil thank you we decided to get him one!
And here is Gregg and I after having watched one of the BEST hockey games ever and we are now true Shark fans! Gooooooo Sharks!!!!
The End

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