Friday, March 26, 2010

the cutest little saturday

Moving to this new little area has brought so many fun visitors including our good friends Lanie and Paul! I met Lanie through one of my best friends in San Diego - Miranda. Miranda and Lanie were actually roommates and while in SD we really hit it off together! We had heard a lot about Paul and were so excited to finally meet him. Our cute little weekend began with breakfast at the LG Cafe where Lanie had been before - all she kept talking about was this "cinnamon roll" that she had gotten there and how we HAD to get one. I know why!

Just look at this thing. Holy heck! It's GIGANTIC and it was soooo delish I could eat one every night. lol. maybe not. We got one as an 'app' to split before breakfast.....and if you thought that was big....
Look at my plate! ahhhh! I only ate could i not?? But it was so yummy and delicious - we are looking forward to going back!
Laine and I outside of the cute little cafe. It was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon so they were off to the beach while we were off to watch Ryan's baseball game! It was so great to see the two of them and catch up about life. Love you Lanie!

So after our huge breakfast we headed over to Leigh High School where Ryan coaches as the high school "Frosh" coach. Aww here he is - Coach Ry!

Gregg and I enjoying some yummy sunflower seeds!
The boys were so cute, surprisingly I was super into the game...and they WON - yay!
Team remember these days!
Yay gooo Leigh!

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