Friday, March 5, 2010

Tears at 'Dog of the Moon'

Gregg and I were lucky enough to have all of our friends meet up with us in Pacific Beach at the lovely bar "moondoggies" for one last hug goodbye. We got there pretty early at 3pm, ordered some food and our first drink and reflected on the reality of our situation - just the two of us. We were really doing this, really and truly moving and tonight would mean saying goodbye some of our friends, right here, in this bar. The night was filled with so many emotions, more tears than a normal bar outing for sure. It felt like every time people were leaving a new floodgate of tears would open and the reality that I wouldn't see these people was really setting in.

Kami helped me 'pull it together' after I shed a couple tears.

Our everyday "bread winner" shot!
The tomo's and their husbands. Love these two!
One of my favorite pictures of the night. The infamous Lynn came and graced us with her presence this night. She is not only an incredible wedding planner who planned all THREE of our weddings but is a remarkable friend. After talking to her almost every single week for 15 months you start to grow on each other quite a bit. :) It made my night that she came!
Just some of the wonderful girls who showed up to give one last hug goodbye! I love these girls!
The DD's and 1 Diamond - my besties

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