Thursday, March 4, 2010

RK Sushi Peeps

For one of our last nights out in San Diego we decided to spend our night with some of our dearest law school family members. The Hancocks, The Perez/Vivek's and The Romano's were waiting for us as we arrived to a VERY busy RK sushi for one last supper. Our conversations were filled with so many memories and giggles about all the fun times we had throughout the last four years of knowing each other. Reminiscing about the past only got stronger when Ashley and Ana revealed an absolutely gorgeous scrapbook that they had been hiding under the table! Not only did they work on this for 12 hours one day but they did it with such thought and heart that I was welling up with every turn of the page. It was so evident in every single page how much thought and effort was put into it! I couldn't handle all the details, all the inside jokes and seriously all the memories we had made together. Needless to say the book is incredible and if you're ever over you'll have to make sure to take a look at it. As a scrapbooker myself, I was so completely proud of them. It was just.....perfect.

**Poor Geoff was with us at dinner but had to run and grab a phone call and missed the picture!**
Since I had a very special bond with each of these girls - all for different reasons I figured it was only necessary that I write them all a little card letting them know how much I'd miss each of them. Clearly the boys weren't happy about this so they decided to write little letters to each other on the wrappers of the chopsticks. Precious.

Now if you know Gregg and I well, then you  know that one of our most favorite places (let's be honest it's probably EVERYONE'S favorite place) is Extraordinary Desserts. We actually celebrated our engagement at this little slice of heaven. We had the bright idea that after being at the sushi restaurant for over 2 hours that we should actually leave and find another place of business to stay at for another 2 hours - lucky for EO they were the winner!! Their desserts are like little pieces of heaven - I keep saying heaven but that's just the best word to describe these little morsels of goodness. This time around was definitely my most favorite, I got a declious Lemon Tart Flaky thing-a-ma-bob and boy was it good. Gregg felt the need to get an additional slice of chocolate share as the community cake (wtf?) in addition to our own individual slices. YUM. I think he was sad to say goodbye to such a delicious little resturant one that has so much sentimental meaning to us. I remember taking Gregg's parents there for a night out after dinner, my mom for a little sweet tooth action and all the great times even just the two of us had there. The funniest part of the night was when we were all eating our cake and Ashley kept wondering where her order was. Well low and behold she caught Jay in mid-bite and asked him if he had "forgotten" to order hers...sure enough....he did! Oops! He ran back and Ashley's order finally made it to the table before we were all done eating - phew!

All in all it was a wonderful night with our law peeps. They are without a doubt some of my most favorite people in this world to spend my time with. When we're all together it feels like we're all in this special world where we all just "get each other" and have so many life changes/experiences that are the same because of what we've all gone through together as individuals and as married couples. I think the most special thing about them is that before we started law school all of us were individuals and just dating our significant others. As we ALL went through one of the most grueling and strenuous ordeals that a relationship can go through (aka Law School) all of us managed to make it through and each of us ended up getting married after our first, second and final year of law school. It's an incredible feeling to be surrounded by so many amazing individuals that you relate so well to. I'm really going to miss them.

**We missed our last couple Talia and Chris who are now playing mama and dada with little baby Stella - but they were definitely in our thoughts all night - miss you guys!!!**

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