Saturday, April 17, 2010

beautiful becky and baby luca

One of the best things about being in college is the friendships you make within those 4 years. Becky was one of my nearest and dearest friends and roommates and she just became a beautiful mother this year (one of many)! Becky had the cutest shower I've ever seen in my life thrown by her talented sister in law Sarah. I'm not joking when I say these two could easily open up a store and I would probably buy every single thing in there. They have such an impeccable taste for decorating and party planning. It was magical holding baby Luca, seeing Becky and just catching up with old friends. The girls met me at our good friend Amy's house, she was kind enough to let us stay the night there and even fed us too!!!
Here's our little college crew with mama Becky and baby Luca!

The minute I held Luca, I started crying he was so tiny and so beautiful and just the most perfect size. I was having big time baby fever!!!

That night we got to spend a wonderful dinner out in Tulare with Becky, Nick, Luca and our crew. It was soo fun and sooo yummy! The next day Amy cooked us all breakfast and we sat and chatted before hitting the road home.

and here's the handsome devil again! Look at how precious he is!! he fits in 1 hand!!!

can i have one now Gregg?? hee hee

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