Saturday, April 24, 2010

captain america = david a. mathis

Last month we had to say goodbye to one of our closest friends David Mathis. He was deployed to Germany and we had one final night to wish him well. It was probably one of the best nights I've ever had out in Folsom!! Ramey (David's girlfriend) and Vanessa, David Moore's wife were my two sidekicks and boy did we have fun! The pictures are enough to prove it. lol.
Before the night started, the 4 of us went out to lunch at our favorite place Mongolian Grill and then we went shopping at the $.99 cent store to see if we could find any goodies for the night! These hats were fun but they didn't make the shoppping cart.
had to capture this precious picture of David and Ramey - it's a framer!

And so the drinking starts...
three peas in a pod! the folsom wanna-be's

this was before the 2 shots.....i think!

this was after!

a cute little stephanie inbetween all the males

my adorable husband and i
it was so hard to get these boys to pose a million times for a good shot. here is one of the best ones. they've known each other for over 8 years.....and still best buddies. just precious.

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