Friday, May 7, 2010

birthday boy mason

A few weekends ago we were able to go to Gregg's little cousin's birthday - birthday boy Mason! He turned 4 years old and is obsessed with monster trucks. His dad did the coolest thing and actuall built a real live course for all the kids to use their monster trucks on. Tina is the cutest mom, she went all out and got a cotton candy machine, snow cones, even a chocolate fountain with strawberries AND a deep fryer for french fries and onion rings. It was pretty incredible for a 4 year old birthday party!!! We couldn't stay that long because we had to drive to Novato to spend the night with Gregg's grandparents, but here are some pictures of the cute decorations and fun kiddos!

the awesome monster truck course

Birthday Boy Mason!!!!!!! (he had little truck tatoo's all over him, ha!)

me playing with the girls - duh...of course!

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