Friday, May 7, 2010

the spinnaker, the city and a burger

One of the most special things that I love about my husband is his relationship with his grandparents. Last weekend we made the drive up to the cute little city of Novato (where Sashie is from) and even brough Harley along for the ride. He wore his handsome bowtie that mama bought him and showed off his cuteness as always. His grandparents had made special reservations in Sausalito at the gorgeous resturant called The Spinnaker. They're known for their delish seafood and incredible ambiance. I realized while we were eating that whenever it's 'just the four of us' we have the best conversations and talk all about life, all the memories they have, marriage and even the future. It's moments like these that I truly love being the wife of such an incredible man. I love being part of Gregg's family as if they're my very own. Getting to know Bob and Ann over the years has been such a blessing in so many ways. I feel like it was just what Gregg and I needed to get back on on our feet after a few tough weekends in the past.

Grandpa and Gregg
the pretty side of the table....Grandma and Me

The Anderson's (the original)

the fab foursome

Even Har Har made the trip up north. He was such a good boy and stayed and watched out the window while mommy and daddy enjoyed dinner! No accidents at all! i love him!!! how cute is this little bowtie that I got him? He is just the handsomest, cutest, little lover!

On our way back home we decided to drive through the city and drove over the Golden's been so long since I did that. It was just as magnificent as when I remember it as a little child. We had lunch at Bill's Hamburgers (my parents went there over 17 years ago!) and we drove past my old house. Just driving down the streets, seeing the parks and looking at that old house brought back so many amazing childhood memories. They all came flooding in....and it was just so magical to show Gregg where I grew up!

next time when it's not so windy we're going to stop and take pictures!

well hello there gigantic bridge!

Yummy Bill's

my old house 2478 33rd Avenue

"I left my heart in San Francisco....."

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