Tuesday, March 30, 2010

family night @ maggiano's

On a Tuesday Night my parents decided to make the short drive (while they were both off for spring break) to Campbell to see our new place. They also brough Bachan with them which was a real treat for Gregg and me. We decided on dinner at this new place that Gregg and I have been wanting to try. It was called Maggiano's and it was incredible. I should have taken a picture of our table and how big the food portions were. Literally we could have split 1 dish and we ordered 4. oops! Now we know for next time...ha ha. I asked this little boy (probably 13 year old) to take a picture for us....well he didn't tell us he was taking it - so here's what turned out. I am the only one smiling. ohhh well!

My little Bachan and me. Love her!

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