Saturday, May 22, 2010

the best weekend ever!

Our life up north has been getting better and better lately. We had the best plans this past weekend and now here are the pictures to prove it. It started out with a fun visit from my tomo (aka Amanda) and her husband 'sleeve' (aka sleeve) - yes we have nicknames for them both - whatever! They flew in Thursday afternoon and we went to a glorious Louisiana style dinner, followed by drinks at another bar and ended with some late night dancing! The next morning we woke up and headed to Santana row to spend our hard earned commission checks on clothes and food - what else?? After a yummy lunch Amanda and I watched the Grey's Anatomy finale while Steve and Gregg watched sports! While Amanda and I recovered from our anxiety attacks (that show was intense) we dropped them off at the Bart station in Freemont and said our goodbyes! They were off to the city to stay the rest of the weekend for Amanda's brother graduation!



love this little married couple

Romesh was a dancing machine!

Once we said goodbye to the Mejia's we headed home to run some fun secret errands and then started our Saturday bright and early. I went to a Crossfit training while Gregg walked Harley. Then we met up and went to the driving range - where I now have become obsessed with golf again! lol. Grabbed a quick bite to eat, got Harley situated and headed to the city to meet up with my parents and their best friends for dinner in SF! The resturant is so cute and so quaint. While you wait in line they serve you WHITE WINE! We made it JUST in the nick of time and literally parked and ran into the restaurant (we didn't want them to give our reservations away!) Dinner was delicious....I went there a lot as a child, so to have that same meal again was so fun, not to mention the great company that we had as well.

the gang

gregg and i replaced my parents in the picture, lol

mama and me

the cliffffhouse

the boys!
the girls!
the beautiful sunset view that we had while sipping cocktails!


Christi Treibach said...

I love you and miss you sooo much! xoxo

Becky Jane said...

I don't know how to leave a comment on just one pic I guess, but I you are so great at documenting everything!! I just read all about your life, and I must say, I feel pretty informed, like I was there for every important moment!!:) Happy Birthday darling!!! I sure love you like crazy!!!