Saturday, July 10, 2010

jillie's bridal shower

On Saturday I got to celebrate the cutest little Jillian I know. It was her bridal shower and boy was she excited. It was an hour away from where we both live, so we got to carpool with her and another friend Maria for the big event. We felt very VIP to be traveling with the bride to be. The setting was beautiful - all hawaiian luau themed and really cute.
Bridey, Becca and Maria
The 3 San Jose amigas!
Yes they made us do the limbo -  in dresses and skirts
So cute, they had a baby sand pit area and put Jill's chair in there so she could put her feet in the sand and pretend she was in "hawaii" - loved that!
One of the cutest things I've ever seen a bunch of bridesmaids do! ideas, ideas!!
Jillie and her bmaids
The beautiful Maria and I! We got to hear each other's engagement stories on the way home and talked all about planning weddings and lots of other fun stuff! Hooray for another successful bridal shower for Jillie!

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