Friday, August 13, 2010

San Diego Whirlwind

Who doesn’t like to spend time with their girlfriends because I sure do!! Since moving away I’ve really missed some good quality girl time with my bff’s from San Diego. I had the bright idea to travel down for a little visit and managed to convince my boss to let me work in my old corporate office so that I wouldn’t have to take off any vacation time. It was amazing being able to be there for a nice full week instead of just a weekend. I had the absolute best hosts in the world, Jaime and Miranda. I love that they now live together because I met Miranda on my own and obviously knew Jaime and after hanging out a bunch of times these two decided to live together!!!! 

My trip was such a whirlwind filled with loooong BFF talks, visits from old friends, happy hour with old co-workers and of course yummy dinners and last but not least DANCING!
                                                    typical start to a san diego evening....
hello there bff!

more bff's joined in the fun of firehouse


It surprises me how much I can just fall right back into my old lifestyle with all of my friends, it’s like 6 months hasn’t even gone by yet…it really has. I have also realized that I’m truly getting old….all of the drinking, staying up late definitely wiped me out, I was and still am tired from that trip but it was 100% worth every ounce of being tired. Firehouse is always a must do when I'm in town, not only because I like to promote the BFF's work place but i LOVE THEIR FOOD. Take a look at the bill below (a few pictures down) can you not love this place!

HH at Karl Strauss

the perfect FH meal - shrimp salad with chicken corndogs and a brew
hello $1.00 bill - i love you!
Las Olas is a MUST DO when I'm in town!
Snuggled up to one of my favorite couples Sashie and Mikey

Bye San Diego....until we meet again!

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Becky Jane said...

Awwww that makes me miss everyone so much more! You lucky girls, what fun trip!!!