Friday, August 20, 2010

GA time!!!!

I dont think I've been to Great America since I was 11 years old - no joke. However a few weeks ago we had the most brilliant idea to go to the part on a Friday (when all the kiddies were back in school ha ha yesss!) We had the best time. Jake and Ryan drove down and Jill joined in on the fun too! After working a halfday I headed home to meet up with everyone and off to the park we went. A flashback of memories came at me a mile a minute....and so did my 'daredevil' personality as my mom would always say.
traditional GA picture - lol
Who knew Snoopy was so popular these days at amusement parks?
Ry looks so little!
The boys doing drop zone - right before this ride Jill told me that the last time she was there a kid slipped out and fell to his death. Needless to say her and I didn't go on this ride.

Of course candy is a MUST when walking around the park. Ry was the only one who got some with me so we decided to act like little kids and didn't share any with Gregg, Jill and Jake.
too short to ride, JK!
Jillie wasn't feeling the best so she'd end up holding all of our toys/hates/balls/glasses while we waited...had to capture this shot of her!

Surprisingly they had these really cute leather bands that you could buy and put 'names' on so of course Jill and I got them. Here's ry with his basketball...ohh geez

I made everyone that day wear silly bandz (courtesy of Jaime Jones) so that we could continue with the theme of acting like we were 12 years old!!
What a fun day at the park with great people!!!

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