Saturday, August 21, 2010

wara, watie, wregg and watrick

One of the best thing about seeing your best friends get married is all the events that showcases their love. Sarah and Patrick's engagement party (@ her hometown) was the other weekend and we got to go (now that we are living so close!) It was a really fun time not only because we got to spend some quality time with them but with their families, cousins, parents, siblings, etc. Sarah's parents were kind enough to open their house to us and Jake, Gregg and I were all able to stay the night. The setting was beautiful, their front yard held about 5/6 tables with pretty white linens and adorable centerpieces. Sarah had hung lighting all over the yard and had her ipod all hooked up and ready to go! One of their family friends cooked an amazing spread of food - everything was so creative I loved it!!

We got along really well with Sarah's cousins who traveled all the way from Hermosa and caught up with old friends too! Sarah also asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding which I am absolutely thrilled about and I couldn't be more honored to stand by her on her wedding day!
husband is so cute isn't he??

BFF's acting crazy!

Bridesmaids!! Lynds, Bridey, Me and Kristen

the beautiful spread of tapas

yes, gregg and p are holding hands. we are the only LLC couples that made it!

baby hay was also there for some good entertainment

i started sleeping next to gregg and then when wara and i got up and got our coffee, gregg snuck in to sleep with p and be near jake. ohhhh boys!

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