Friday, August 27, 2010

Sophia Leilani Brown

Gregg and I had the honor of meeting the most precious baby this past weekend. I already consider her my niece because I feel that close to her. Maritza has transformed into the most beautiful and caring mother that I've ever seen. She gave birth to a beautiful little angel on Saturday August 21, 2010 - weighing in at 7lbs 3oz, she is the gorgeous Sophia Leilani Brown! Here's handsome hubby holding her. She looks so tiny in his arms!! He loved how she kept putting her arm up to fall asleep. Awwww!
Not knowing what each other was wearing we both showed up dressed like this, haha. We were twins that day...but hey if someone compares me to looking like Maritza I'll take it!

Here's me and my baby niece! I love her so much. Just holding her was such a treat and the minute she opened her eyes I was so teary just looking at a beautiful little girl. It's hard to imagine that we were all that little once!

The proud parents and me!

The next day my mom and I stopped by to drop off some food for Maritza and Art and of course had to hold the little one!

Maria - Maritza's mom said I was a pro at holding her and that I needed one of my own for Sophia as a playmate! Hint hint!

BFF Maritza, Baby Sophia and ME

Just look at this beautiful being....she is perfect! I kept saying that I already felt addicted to her and I had only held her for 2 days. I'm counting down the days until I go back which I think is at the end of September, fingers crossed I can't wait to see what she'll look like in just 1 month!!

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Michael and Megan said...

she is sooo cute. we need babies!