Sunday, August 1, 2010

sleepy boo boo bear

Ok seriously how cute is he? These pictures were taken all throughout the afternoon. I had to drive Gregg for a bit this morning past Gilroy to meet up with his mom and brother Brett. So needless to say The Anderson family was up and on the road today at 6:30am on a Sunday. Gregg is spending the week with them and his Grandma before heading to vegas for Ross' bachelor party. We were sad to see our "daddy" go and miss him already....seriously.
He was a lazy bear all day...I had to document to show Gregg....
Laying inbetween all of the freshly cleaned pillow cases, ugh.
(this one is my favorite!!)
He's lookin' at me thinking "Mom what the HECK are you doing - I'm trying to sleeeeep"
My boo boo bear and me
(We miss you Daddy!)


The Mejia Fam said...

aww, ur such a nice/good mama...we NEVERRRR let Mika up on the couch (let alone freshly cleaned pillows) anymore...I feel bad, but the hair & smell is just too much for me. And when you find some dog hair, sticking out of your kid's freakin mouth - you kinda prioritize a bit, hahahaha

Greggory & Kate said...

trust me calista when we have a baby it's going to be a different story. i feel like i'm a professional laundry do-er because i hate having dog hair on my sheets!!! let alone my futurevlil baby!

The Bailey Family said...

Just found your blog through You, Me & Kapri and decided to follow! Should be fun watching you travel down the road of being a new family! :)