Sunday, August 1, 2010


This weekend we met up with some good friends and headed to SF for the Dodgers vs. Giants game! It was actually really fun! We started off at MoMo's (a bar across from the stadium) to have a few pre-drinks and then headed to the game. The food lines were long and the game went by fast....we barely watched any of it! We DID manage to see the game winning homerun and the final strikeout. It was fun because Kate and Chris were rooting for the dodgers...I can still hear the chanting now. "Let's go Dodgers, BEAT LA, Let's go Dodgers, BEAT LA"

Chris, Kate, Gregg and I
 The girls of the Dynasty
Yay the crew!

After Gregg had collected 24 plastic Giants cups to take home. The best line of the afternoon was from Ry..."Kate...are you and Gregg poor that he has to go collect plastic cups around the stadium right now". lol.

 What a fun and beautiful day for a baseball game!

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