Friday, September 10, 2010

The Land of DD

It’s amazing what a little quality time with your girlfriends can do for your health and mental well being. Since I moved away from “my girls” almost six months ago (wow) I have actually done considerably well. Leaving them and all our memories and the foundation of where our friendships were created was so hard for me. I didn’t think I’d cry as much as I did. And I really did cry. a.lot. I even cried in a public bar filled with tons of strangers – tears streaming down my face as I hugged these girls and one by one and said my goodbye’s. Six months later…I feel as though I have really grown into my own person. Spending more quality time with myself, challenging myself more at work, heck challenging myself more as a human being. I’m making new friends in way that I thought I never could. I never thought that I had the capacity to do this all over again - to rebuild friendships and not just friends, GIRLS that were friends. I actually thought (in all seriousness) that I was ‘done’ making friends. Who was I kidding? I have met some of the nicest, most awesomest GIRLS in this world and I feel so fortune to have crossed paths with these individuals, they have truly made my ‘moving’ decision a great one. I guess the truth is, you are never truly done making friends because no matter where your life brings you there will always be someone there to share it with.

So why am I writing about this post? Oh yeah…my girlfriends!!! I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with 4 beautiful women a few weekends ago. THEIR adventure started on a plane on their way to see little ol’ me, while MINE started as they knocked on my door! After celebrating with some homemade pizza (courtesy of yours truly) and a glass of wine we immediately began our chitter chatter about life. boys. work. jobs. the trip. You name it, we talked about it. It honestly felt like we literally we had just opened up our favorite book – right back to the page where it all started. (sigh) – I love my friends!

The next day the 5 of us headed off to Novato (to drop our stuff at Sasha’s house) where we jumped in a limo and enjoyed a wonderful 5 hour tour through Napa. It was a ride filled with crackers (aka “queso-it’s”) and overflowing glasses of red and white wine. The trip was a success as we had been seriously (seriously) planning it for about 5 months. No joke. When we got home Sasha’s mom was kind enough to fill our tummies with some of the yummiest home cooking a mother could offer. Thanks mom!! After that, our tummies were full and we were off to bed at 9pm. Yes, I said 9pm – we started at 11am, give me a break!

From there our San Francisco adventure began….we were off to the city where most people ‘leave their hearts’ and immersed ourselves in our newfound surroundings. We headed to this fabulous flea market filled with gadgets and bracelets that we didn’t need. Who are we kidding – we OF COURSE all bought bracelets that had our names twirled with wire – such a necessity! ;) Stopped in for a drink at a delicious Peruvian restaurant and made our way to the infamous Pier 39. We saw, we ate, we shopped we were total tourists and it was awesome. That night we headed to Osha the yummiest place (literally that’s what Osha means = yummy) to eat the long awaited Thai food that we were so desperately craving. After eating we met up with a few friends to a very secret bar called 15 Roemelo in North Beach and tried some of the weirdest drinks ever. I say ‘secret bar’ because when the cab pulled up he was on a steep slope, in an alley with what looked like kitchen window’s facing into the street – ummm random!?Nevertheless the night was still magical being together….laughing, chatting and diving back into each other’s lives.

We finished off our last day in SF hopping from bar to bar watching the Sunday Football games with millions of boys. Headed to a few of Jaime’s old stomping grounds, had a mini memorial and of course ate delicious Orgasmic Pizza (what a name!) Our Sunday Funday ended early with 5 tired girls, showered, packed and ready for bed. With one last (free breakfast) on Monday morning we headed back to where it all started…my house!

Finally we took pictures. Lots and Lots of pictures in these adorable sweatshirts that my father-in-law made for us. The Dirty Diamonds Name remains a story that few know and most will not find out. However don’t we look cute!? Needless to say the trip was a wonderful, eye-opening, long-awaited success and we can’t wait for the next one. Each of these girls has a special place in my heart and I love them dearly. Xoxo for now DD’s….until we meet up again!
Here are the trip as a mix of pictures. I hope you enjoy them…..

15 Roemelo - the "secret bar"

our typical vanity fair shot - we're sending it in for real

tastin' wine

enjoying our sunday

DD's forever

La Mar Peruivan drinks

Hello Limo (and Bus!)

Osha yummy food

and donuts!

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The Mejia Fam said...

Awww so so soooo much fun! I wanna plan a wine trip so bad :( And you are so incredibly lucky to have that superclose group of gals!!