Monday, September 6, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Ross and Jillian Lee!

Yesterday we celebrated the beautiful wedding of Ross & Jillian. My favorite thing about the day was how everyone kept saying "after 11 years and 1 day in the making, they are finally tying the knot". Their anniversary of 11 years was on Saturday! WOW! What a momentous occassion for both Ross & Jill and for both their families. The cutest thing about Ross and Jill is that since they've been dating for so long....both their families are so interconnected already and treat each other like one big family. It is such a neat thing to see and it was very fun for all of them to make things "official" yesterday!

We met Ross and Jill while living in San Diego, actually in the dorms at San Diego State. Ross lived about two doors down from Gregg and Jake in the LLC dorms and we have remained friends ever since!
After moving to Campbell Gregg and I didn't have a lot of friends going into this city but Ross and Jill were so welcoming and with open arms! They are one of the most entertaining, laid back and kind couples to be around and we are truly so thankful that they live only 5 minutes from us. Hanging out with them we've gotten to know a few other fun couples in the area and finally San Jose is feeling a lot more like home.
Jill was the most beautiful, calm and FUN bride to be around. Not a care in the world, she was dancing all over the place, crying tears of joy and laughing every minute I saw her that night. I am so happy for the two of them....and now we've got another couple to add to the 'married club'!!
Hanging with all the fun 'out of towners' the day after wedding is always a fun time. Hearing about all the stories and all the craziness really brings out a lot of old memories, laughter and sillness (mostly because of the boys) . All in all it was the best way to spend our Labor Day weekend.
Congratulations Ross and Jillian - we love you so much! Now go enjoy Hawaii for 12 full days and call us when you get back!!!

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