Saturday, October 9, 2010

christian - rian - henry

From the title of this post you'd think I was talking about 3 little boys but instead I'm talking about ONE! Yep, Sarah and Rian Henry are due to expect their first baby this year. He's making his big debut in December (hopefully before Christmas) so that we can all see him! Christian Rian Henry. What's a handsome name right? This past weekend I was able to celebrate Sarah and her new baby boy's arrival at her baby shower up in Sacremento. Her two sisters did a fabulous job putting it on.....

Cheri was also invited - yay mama in law!

If I opened up a cupcake store in Sacremento here's my competition....Icing on the Cupcake

The boys have been HS buddies and the girls are the recruits

We made it into the Folsom Pack and all love each other! Sarah, Nessy and ME!

Here is Jake's little (cutie) sister, she feels like my little sister too since Gregg is practically her brother. I love her so much and she is SO much fun to be around. We are VERY alike so it's so nice to see her when she's home from college.

While the girls hung out at the shower, the boys hung out at the bar - go figure. Here's Mr. Anderson and me.

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