Saturday, October 2, 2010

just your average saturday night

Since Gregg and I have moved to Campbell we literally haven't had a weekend here. Odd I know, I think we just had a really busy summer filled with weddings, baby showers, birthday's and trips home. So on this particular Saturday Gregg and I decided to get a little crafty. (yes, it wasn't just me, it was Gregg too - haha) We went to a fabric store and ended up making a nice 'welcome home' fleece blanket, half was the A's and half was Raiders - yay and a few other little gems. My favorite part of the night is that we turned off the TV all night and just put on Pandora and listened to music, talked and made things together.

We also drive past this little ice cream shack and ffffinally decided to stop. Um hello little soft serve dipped cone - I didn't know you lived here!??

I decided to make a cute little felt bird (random i know) it belongs to a whole garland thingy but I just made one to see how long it took me. And this adorable little cloth pumpkin. These are especially cute and fun to make.

I also made this cute, snap thingy that goes around my sewing machine so that I can easily stick my pins in it. Kind of like an easily accessible pin cushion. How fun is that fabric?

Here's Ryan's blanket!

What a fun little Saturday...just the husband and I.

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The Mejia Fam said...

OMG...dying over the lil cloth pumpkin - adorrrrable! You should make a whole bunch in diff sizes, then you'd have your own lil fabric pumpkin patch, haha