Sunday, October 3, 2010

little bachan

For those who don't know....Bachan =  Grandma (in Japanese).

If you've been reading my blog then you'll know that we tried desparately to take Bachan out to dinner for her 87th birthday and unfortunately my car had other plans for me and decided to break down. Well we FINALLY were able to drive up and see her and instead of dinner, took her to lunch instead! We went to Dave Wong's, duh.....and Gregg and I managed to sneak the bill and pay without her knowing. Then she shoved a $50.00 bill at me and was yelling at us in the resturant, so we reluctantly took it.

Bachan is an amazing woman.....she traveled to the America's when she was 16 years old barely able to speak english. Met the love of her life and stayed married until death parted them. She is one of the best cooks in this world and knows all the secrets to making everything taste yummy. Knows how to make the most incredible authentic Japanese food and spoils her 5 grandchildren to the fullest. She is one tough cookie living alone and can fluently write and read Japanese - even watches Japanese television. She is the most incredible Bachan and I love living so close to her. Happy Birthday Bachan!!

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