Tuesday, November 30, 2010

*special birthday blog*

Happy Birthday to my favorite "bammie" in the world............

Calista (aka bammie)

Calista and I have experienced some of life's greatest adventures together. Everything from birthday parties, to family events, to working together, to crafting together, to cooking together, even crying together. She has been there for all of my wonderful wedding events and I have cherished her in my life so much. We met first through her sister-in-law Amanda, then worked together on the same team and since then have blossomed our own special friendship into something wonderful! We get along so well and have the same type of "brain" when it comes to being crafty crazies! I love her dearly and hope she gets everything she wants on her special day!

dancing at my bachelorette party

enjoying an adult beverage at our work kickoff party

a fun birthday celebration for her brother and sister in law

Happy 28th Birthday Calista! xoxo!
(only we know why we're called bammies he he he)

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Mejia Mamma said...

OMG SO cute...saw this just before I went to bed last night...you're so sweet, thank you soooo much bammie!!