Monday, November 29, 2010

Jan and Nat

My thanksgiving break started off so fun this year. I drove from my place straight to home to hop in a car with Shelly to attend Jan and Nat's baby shower. Jana and her husband Peter are due for their first baby girl this coming year and I am SO excited for her! I have been telling everyone all week that if I were to dream up what I'd want MY shower to be like it would have been this. Jan's mom, Joan graciously opened up her home and with the help of Jana's sister Jill and some family friends hosted this wonderful event. You can tell from the decor below that it was magical.

Incredibly cute table settings!

Bella boo was there too to join in on the fun. I was lucky enough to sit across from her and chat all about princesses and the color pink - it was magical!

The hosts made all this delish and beautiful food!!

The most incredible thing about the shower was the vintage china that Jana's grandma has collected over the years. Shelly and I were basically obsessed with everything and documented EVERY SINGLE THING. I mean, look how cute this cupcake is and this old fashioned bingo game??!

The best part about attending these fun events is getting to see some old high school friends that you haven't seen in a while. We were missing a few girls in this one but nonetheless we had to get one with the mama to be! Congrats Jana & Peter, I can't wait to meet baby "nat" (aka Natalie)

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