Monday, November 29, 2010

Meeting Betty White!

After 13 years with my little Lima Bean it was time to say goodbye and quite honestly, good ridance. After my little fiasco a few months ago the time had come it was time to get a NEW CAR! I have been car-less for the past month with my husband acting not only as my 'husband' but as my chauffer, for reals, he drove me everywhere which also included waking up at 6:00am to drive me to work and picking me up every day at 3:00pm - now that's real love. I didn't even mention that he took me to the mall, target, to my friend's house, to dinner, to run errands and much much more. I think Gregg was equally happy to buy me a car as I was to get one. lol.

During Thankgiving break we had decided that we were ready to take the plunge. After a lot of searching and saving AND talking with what felt like millions of cheesy car salesmen we finally settled on this little beaut below....Betty is awesome.

I named her Betty White for the following reasons:
1. I think every car should be named, it gives you a good feeling and sometimes it's just fun
2. Well she's obviously white in color if you can't tell
3. my car now has AMAZING NAVIGATION so when "my command" isn't answered properly, i now have someone to blame....that being Betty

Betty's current stats:
 - she's a 2008 (basically brand new) TSX Acura
-she's rockin' the tan leather interior
-she's got power everything, seat heaters, window heaters, a sunroof and memory channels for 2 drivers
-she's got an incredible naviation system which now helps me find my way home
-she had a little bit of miles on her (36k to be exact) but she was just getting warmed up for me
-betty's got a 90 day trial of XM radio which is RIDIC awesome, definitely going to extend that. I can move from the Christmas channel to 80's, to the 90's, to hip hop, to country back to the blend and there is even a 100% ON BROADWAY channel. sigh, i'm in love.

Acura was so happy with me they let me take pictures all night and gave me a pink hat! Naturally if I made the same commision that my sales guy had made I'd probably give my customer a pink hat too as a sign of gratitude. Thankfully WBSN doesn't have pink hats laying around :) Needless to say I am over the moon and absolutely LOVE driving everywhere now - definitely a first for me since I never wanted to drive my car anywhere. The ONLY negative aspect is that I was having a panic attack (almost every 3 seconds) with the tan mats that Betty came with so Gregg and I bought black mats to make me feel more at east. Still looks pretty classy in my opinion since my dashboard is black too. :)
Either way I am one happy girl!

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