Friday, November 12, 2010

Year One - Check!

Happy One Year Anniversary to us!!!! Here's snapshot of the little gift I got for Gregg. The first year of traditional anniversary gifts is "paper", so I made Gregg this little box and decorated the inside...with pictures of us and a little saying. All of these pieces of paper were in there with different reasons why I love being married to him and ONE of those papers said that we were going to the Sacramento Kings vs. Miami Heat game on Dec 11th! He had to read through each one to find out what we were doing.

We started off our day sleeping in and re-watching our wedding video made by the lovely Side by Side productions - soooo happy we bought that, it made me cry watching and re-living those special moments again. Yes!! Marketing plug, check :)

Then we decided to go venture out to Santa Cruz since we've lived here for 6 months and STILL have not gone "over the hill" as some would call it. The weather was amazing, absolutely beautiful so we ate lunch at this lovely resturant called Crow's nest that looked out over the beautiful blue water.

Found these signs and HAD to take pictures with them....umm duh - A for Anderson!

After millions of attempts, we finally got a good one with the lighthouse in the background.

We finished day in Santa Cruz and headed home where we made Harley a birthday cupcake (see next post) and a cake (for us) for dessert! Mmm. Then we were off to this amazing resturant for one of the best dinners I've ever eaten. Finally we came home, snuggled up and went to bed. I can't believe I've been married for one whole year, where has the time gone?? Either way I coudn't be happier being the wife of Mr. Gregg Anderson.


The Marshalls said...

Congrats on your Anniversary!! LOVE the SC pics...gorgeous! I just love SC!!! <3

Christi Treibach said...

Happy Anniversary! You are so crafty girl! I love and totally miss you. xoxo