Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Trueman Family

Welcome to memory lane! A few weekends ago around the 16th of October we celebrated one of the most beautiful couples in this world, Lynsey and Jason Trueman. They invited ALL of us from college to celebrate them as they joined their lives forever becoming husband and wife! Needless to say our crew of TWELVE had SO MUCH FUN!! The first night was beyond fun. All of us had decided that the friends coming from So Cal would carpool at different times and Gregg and myself would meet up and we'd all congregate at Sarah's parents house in Atascadero and spend the night. Lynsey and Jason were gracious enough to invite ALL of us to their rehearsal dinner so the minute we arrived we hugged, caught up and started getting ready! This venue was amazing, Lynsey's entire family was up to their ears in wedding-ness but boy did they do an incredible job. The venue was sprinkled with beautiful white lights and lanterns that had crystals dangling off of them. Lisa, Lynsey's mom put together all of the flower arrangements and made these adorable signs everywhere!

On the night of the rehearsal we put our boys to work and had them stack chairs, they were all nicely folded until Gregg put the last one down and they all fell, everyone was laughing at the poor hubs but truthfully it was really funny!

How fun are these little homemade gems!?

Sad Faces for Shannie leaving the "sense"

Beautiful Sasha and me with her new sparkly ring....

Every single time I see this picture it makes me giggle with joy!

Gregg and the boys decided to get out on the dance floor and mimic one of the little boys dancing, it was 100% the highlight of the night!

The Truemans'!

The lovely Zanartu's.....our perfect hosts for the weekend!


Erica said...

I will have you know that Camryn laughed out loud when she saw that picture with the girl holding the mustache! I love that cute idea!

Greggory & Kate & Harley said...

soo cute erica! hahah. awww little camryn! she is so CUTE! are you going home for thanksgiving at all this year?