Thursday, March 10, 2011

I wanna learn how to make that!

A few weekends ago my mom, aunt, cousin and Bachan all decided to get together and cook some traditional Japanese food. Lauren and I are always complaining that we don't know how to cook anything traditionally and it was about time we learned how! We all met at Bachan's house, got our apron's on and started slaving away! My aunt is the best cook, next to my mom....and they definitely get it from my Bachan - not sure what happened to Lauren and I!?? :)

little bachan and me

This picture is really cute of Lauren and I except for the fact that we are holding weapons in our hands.....don't be alarmed everyone we're just cleaning and prepping bok choy!
our finished product of yummy homemade chow mein - it was so good!

This next dish is by far delish! It's called an imperial roll, different than an egg roll because of the mixture inside (see picture below) but still fried the same as an egg roll. SO YUM!
imperial rolls all finished

So Lauren really wanted to learn how to make the collar bone of fish - which kind of grosses me out to be honest, but I still had to try it. Here's Bachan wacking the heck outta that fish

Our finished product of yumminess! mmmmmm doesn't our table look good? Yep we made every single thing on that table....and it really was such a special treat to be eating all together after a hard days work! I love spending this quality time with my family!
cheers to many more cooking days to come!

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Michael and Megan said...

looks so good katie! i love the aprons!