Thursday, March 10, 2011

wara and watrick!

Sarah (aka wara) and Patrick (aka watrick) came for a visit a few weekends ago and we had the BEST time hanging out with them! Wara and I have planned this trip for about 5 months when she knew she was going to have a work conference in Berkely. We decided it only made sense for watrick to join in on the fun and they bought a ticket to come out and hang out with both G and me! The first day was too overwhelming to take any pictures. I drove after work (on a month end - which translates to = difficult day in sales job) and headed out to Berkely to meet Wara and her friend Christine. We hung out a bit and went to a really yummy thai resturant just a few streets down that was DELISH! Meanwhile watrick (also known as "P") flew down and G picked him up. Wara and I drove back into town and met up with the boys for dinner and then spent the rest of the night chatting...needless to say there was no time for pictures.

But on day two.....we woke up and watched the SDSU game! We were all decked out in our red and black gear and decided on bagels and beer - perfect for a 10am game! Once we were done with that we headed down to Santan Row where we showed Wara and P the sights and the fun stores! oooo!

the boys enjoing their delicious breakfast
wara and i walking around santana row

One of the best stores in SR is called the Priscilla of Boston store. It's a two level store complete with white chandeliers and sparkling wedding dresses everywhere. Clearly we had to go in there!!! I took these fun 'edited' pictures of Wara by the bridesmaid dresses.

the beautiful bride to be

P isn't a character at all...he was just twirling around dancing in the middle of the store while I captured this shot! Classic P!
Wara is going to make the most beautiful bride, I am so excited to be a part of her wedding party and watch her and P commit their lives to one another! Love you Wara!
The rest of the night was spent relaxing, watching wedding videos, looking at albums, discussing all things wedding, burning a pizza and making our house smell like smoke, eating 1 million gummy bears and sour watermelon candies, sipping on vodka, catching up with ross and jill and passing out while watching oprah!

Day 3....started out with a DELISH breakfast at our favorite place Stacks! After that we did an impromptu visit up to Monterey where we toured Pebble Beach in golf carts - this is super fun, everyone should do this because let's be honest who has $500 to spend on a round of golf! The sites were breathtaking and Wara and I had so much fun doing a photoshoot!
Overall we had the best time with these kids. There is something about Wara and P that we just makes both G and me feel so comfortble. It's most likely due to the fact that we've all lived together in college (well practically - the boys lived together and Wara and I had sleepovers there pretty often). Needless to say these two are amazing and G and I wouldn't be the same without them in our lives. Thanks so much fun visiting us, we miss you already!

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