Friday, April 15, 2011

Epic Elite Eight

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and hanging out with 7 amazing girls in the crazy sin city...lassssss vegas for my twinner Nicole Hibbard's bachelorette party. I've known Nicole for a few years now, I think almost 4 actually. We met on our first day of work at Access Nurses and have been "twins" ever since. She is literally the same person as me, personality and looks....which is how we adopted our 'Twinner" title.

This bachelorette party was summed up into one word: Epic. Not only were were VIP status everywhere we went, but we all got along so great for just having met each other hours before the event started. I literally met Meghan and Christine in the airport. We like to think it was a 'blind date friendship' that blossomed into something beautiful!

beautiful mary and me and her big debut of the girls

meghan, christine and me = the nor cal ladies

Nicole's Uncle, often referred to as the childhood name she called him "Unkie" owns a suite in the Palms hotel called the Palms Place. His best friend and him own a 'wing' of the hotel floor, which is where we stayed....with no charge. Check 1 on our VIP list.

Next he treated us that night to a delicious dinner at n9ne where induldged in appetizers, 2 bottles of wine, steak and lobster dinners, tomatoe and goat cheese salads, and three different desserts. the only thing out of our pockets was a lovely little tip. say what???? Check 2 on our VIP list.

We made our way up to Club Moon - one of the nightclubs in the Palms and danced the night away at our 2 bottle *comp'd* table while champagne and strawberries were passed over to us - courtsey of Unkie who had made a call. They had told us this was "Usher's Table" when he came to the club. Needless to say....Usher was not there. Check 3 on our VIP list.

my twinner and me

outside of N9NE!

The next day was filled with a slight case of being hungover (oops Nicole) and some lounging and lots of silly games - since the weatherman didn't get the memo to be warm we made the best of it. After a few hours of getting to know one another and making fun of Nicole we got ready and headed to China Poblano - mmmmm a Chinese & Mexican Fusion restuarant. From there we walked over to Marquee which is a new club inside of The Cosmo hotel, where we had yet ANOTHER VIP table for the night. Check number 4 on our VIP list.

the epic elite eight at its finest

we loved the cosmo hotel....

jenn's famous camera shot - turned out pretty good if you ask me
Throughout the night we decided to name ourselves the Epic Elite Eight....all of us were so happy that we had met each other, gotten along so well for the weekend and couldn't wait to see each other again in just a few short weeks to celebrate Nicole and Mike's big day. I felt so honored to be a part of this wonderful weekend with my twinner. She is truly the best person and I couldn't be happier for her and Mike to join the married club! Yay!!!

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OMGGGG that looks like it was sooooooooooo much freakin fun!!! JELLY!!