Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hey-yo Tahoe!

It has been years, I mean YEARS since I've been to Tahoe to see the beautiful trees and scenary. I had the bright idea that while I was on my "break from vacation, vacation" that it might be fun to do a little getaway in Tahoe with G. My parents were gracious enough to let us borrow some of their timeshare points which paid for our 2 night stay in our mini condo - completely free - booyah! So we packed up our clothes both warm and cold (just in case), kissed Har goodbye and we were on our way to Tahoe! The drive up was magical, I forgot what a beautiful place Tahoe is.....there is just a 'heavenly' feeling looking at the lake surrounded by the full green trees and the sun shining down on them.     
shell and i in the middle of a snow blizzard

We had planned for Jake and Shelly to meet up with us on Friday night after work so that they could enjoy Tahoe with us! I'm so glad they ended up coming, we had the BEST time with them....ever since Megan's wedding in Idaho the four of us crave being together in snowy weather, somehow there are always silly stories when we leave.

at the top of the  mountain

On Saturday we had all laid down to take a little cat nap and woke up to this.....full.on.SNOW! I literally opened my eyes (like how most kids do in the movies) to SNOW FALLING FROM THE SKY! Of course I immediately jumped out of bed and startled G, but ohhhhh it was so worth it! The sight was amazing....

I even had a delicious homemade snowball for dinner! Here are some other fun pictures from the trip...

love shell's face here....she was not a fan of heights as the gondola ride kept going higher and higher

Overall the trip was much needed and super fun. We love making memories in new places, with some of our favorite people! Yay for more trips to Tahoe this summer, now that we're only an hour away.

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