Friday, September 23, 2011

sophia's beautiful baptism

So life has been absolutely crazy these past few months. As I’m looking at my blog I haven’t written in almost THREE months. THREE long eventful and memorable months. And not just THREE REGULAR months but THREE SUMMER months, which is for sure the worst time to forget about a blog because so many plans and exciting events happen in the summer time. Thankfully I’ve found a few minutes to update the bloggin’ world on the little Anderson family!
Ready for information overload? Here we go.....

I'll start way back to the beginning of summer.....with Sophia’s Leilani’s beautiful baptism!

Sophia was a perfect little princess on her baptism day. Look how gorgeous she looks? Her Grandma Maria bought her this beautiful outfit and when I had asked Maritza why she waited until this age to baptize her little beauty her response was an easy one “because that’s when Sophia fit into the outfit my mom got her!”. The best part of the ceremony was that Sophia thought it was appropriate to wave to the congregation like a little queen. She had everyone giggling in the church. Watching Maritza and Art bless their beautiful baby girl was so humbling and beautiful, I was definitely teary and so thankful that I got to witness such a beautiful moment in all three of their lives. We finished off the night sipping on drinks and eating delish cart taco’s in Maria’s backyard, the norm for all of Sophia’s big events.

she loved her dress....hah maybe not


she looks like a little doll....literally

look at those eyes

being held by grandma maria

sophia decided to dine with us, our table felt special

mmm bottle

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